Other Publications

Planning to Win is my major publication. It celebrated 25 years in my own business. Some other articles and publications over the years can be downloaded for free. I welcome contact from others who share any of my interests.

The Last Word

This article was published in the 20th anniversary edition of the Australian Venture Capital Journal in 2002. It is one of few attempts at humour in that august journal, and may provide some amusement.

Aboriginal Economic Development

This discussion paper was prepared as a result of consulting assignments for the Numbulwar-Numbarindi Community Government Council in April 2008. It describes three integrated “cottage industry” businesses to contribute to economic development in the indigenous community of Numbulwar in the Northern Territory of Australia. It is published with the permission of the Chairman of the Council. 

Risk and Return in Venture Capital Investment

This paper was published in the Australian Venture Capital Journal in September 2003. It describes an approach to measuring risks and returns in the sorts of projects described in Planning to Win. I was a joint author with my colleague Dr Ron Watts. The article is reproduced with permission.

Australia's Legacy

This article was submitted in a competition run by the ABC’s Lateline TV program for Australians to submit stories reflecting their own versions of Australia’s history. It was commended and published on the Lateline website in 2003. 

A New Song For Australia

This is an unpublished “song” I wrote as an Australian national song when the subject of our national anthem was topical. It is written to match the tune “Song of Australia” written by Carl Linger in 1859. The music can be heard in various styles by searching “Song of Australia”. 

My Bloody Problem

This was published in The Heckler column of the Sydney Morning Herald on May 23, 2013.